“Marriages are made in heaven, but executed and celebrated on earth”

As social interactions diminish in today’s fast-paced world, it has become increasingly difficult to find a life partner. The standard set of matrimonial sites isn’t that useful, as they are entirely commercialized and lack that much needed close-knit community feel. That’s exactly where Delhi-based Matemeet presents itself as the right solution.

Matemeet is also a virtual marriage bureau, but with a significant difference. Founded by community leaders and volunteers, Matemeet’s core focus is to bring about a social change. The basic idea is to help connect people who may be finding it difficult to find the right life partner. It can be hugely beneficial for folks who do not have any type of references for marriage.

Instead of being just an aggregator, Matemeet works through both offline and online channels to develop its matrimonial database. A significant percentage of profiles on Matemeet have been sourced through contacts within the community. Online and offline campaigns are regularly organized by Matemeet to increase awareness, boost registrations, and simplify the process of finding the right life partner. The site is refreshed every few months, so that users have access to the most relevant partner profiles.

To fund this community-based initiative, Matemeet charges a nominal membership fee. The membership remains valid for a period of 6 months. During this time, members can access unlimited profiles and view contact details such as telephone / mobile number.

A bit about the founder

Matemeet was founded by Naman Bansal, who currently serves as the CEO of the company. Naman and his team have been working on this initiative since 2019. However, it was mostly offline at that time. With significant response from customers, it was decided that more people can benefit if the entire ecosystem is made available online. This eventually led to the launch of

Why choose Matemeet?

Matemeet offers a range of benefits, some of which are described below.

  • Higher reliability – As registered members are from the community, there’s a greater sense of authenticity for the profiles posted and available information.
  • Updated profiles – The matrimonial database is continuously updated to ensure that members have access to most recently posted profiles.
  • Closer to home – Although Matemeet has a global reach, users can easily find people in their own city.
  • Safe and confidential – Matemeet matrimonial database can only be accessed by registered members. Users can be rest assured about privacy of profiles posted on Matemeet.
  • Affordable – Being executed on the lines of a social cause, Matemeet only charges a nominal fee for its services.